The 2020 Weather Dance

Department of Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering, University of Michigan


  1. You must register to participate. Once registered you will be notified via e-mail when the games begin.
  2. You can compete in either or both the Men's and Women's Tournaments.
  3. Remember it's all about the weather! Your predictions will have nothing to do with basketball after the first round. You are comparing expected high or low temperatures at the participating NCAA campuses on designated game days.
  4. Winners will be based on the maximum and minimum temperatures measured on the game date at the National Weather Service office closest to each participating campus.
  5. You can modify your selection up to 11:59 p.m. ET the day before the scheduled game.
  6. Official selection of which campus was warmer or colder will be made by the University of Michigan based on best available National Weather Service data and will generally be published the day after the game.
  7. One point is earned for each correct selection. All prizes will be awarded based on total correct guesses. In the event multiple participants score the highest total the grand prize winner will be selected randomly from the pool of highest scores from both Men's amd Women's competition. All selections will be final.
  8. "Warmer" temperatures refer to the comparison of the maximum temperatures in the 24 hours that include the game. "Cooler" temperatures refer to the comparison of minimum temperatures in the 24 hours that include the game.
  9. In the event there is a tie in temperarture (including when two teams are in the same town) we will make every effort to pick a winner based on all available data (details of temperatures across cities can be gleaned from additional resources, see example). If the two campuses are still tied after that analysis we will have to go into "overtime" (Read: flip a coin) to pick the winner.
  10. Special rules for K12 Teachers
  11. Want to join or create a team at your school or organization?
  12. Check how your team is doing!
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